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Hey! So I’m going to expose some of my workflow to you.  I’m not going to talk about what it is for just yet… (It’s a surprise!) …but let me take you on an hour-long journey.  Journ-eeeeeey! Tonight I’m doing some animation.  (WHAT?!) I drew a nice little character for the surprise *wink*.  I’m going to call it… Illien.

Then I modeled it up in 3DS Max, which is my favourite program, but you can use all the others as well (which I think autodesk own .. right? :P)



Now, let’s do some animations. Falling is the first one, so I want it to scream and have its ears flapping. So let’s do the animation before working on its adorbs face.


It needs some clean-up, but I gave myself 1 hour to do the whole thing, so let’s move on to the face.

It may not work, but this made me laugh. It’s like… streaky and ARGH. Let’s put it together.

Arrrrr! Arrrrr!

Yah.  Now tomorrow I’ll look over it again and see if I like it, and then I’ll move on to other things in the animation list.  Hope to have this coming together by the weekend.  Wish me luck!

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