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Tonight took way longer then expected.  Still trying to get everything set up so I can capture what I’m doing to show you guys.  I thought I was going to record it to my phone, but there is ghosting… so I might do a capture instead.  Below is the landing animation.


I wanted the illien to land on his face.  Then it would flip up to let you know it was alright and then shake off the dirt.  The dirt will be added later in another engine. (Psst – that’s the surprise I’m not talking about just yet).



I also made changes to the eyes after all the feedback I got on facebook.  Thanks, guys.  Hope you enjoy the slow blink where the eyes blink at different speeds.  I love how it makes them look just a little S-L-O-W.

I’ll be doing more of these each night, and it’ll get a little more detailed.  Yay!

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