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Classically Trained contacted us awhile back to do an interview. He was really taken back by our tribute to bubble bobble and how we managed to cram so much emotion into it all.  Below is the interview, Hans did, a while back with Classically Trained and it’s one of our favorites.  Hope you enjoy

The Interview

Bubble Bobble Tribute


Earlier this year we worked with The Sound PoundJuniorCru and Caleb James to write an original tune for Queensland Health’s Sun Mum.  From that we wrote a new track called “Burn your bits”,  shot a video clip for it and then created several shorts that help people remember the sun safety rules.  Yeah, it was really special!

On the weekend the BADC’s happened and we came out with a Silver for “Sound – Original Compositions/jingles” and 2 Bronze’s for the video clip and the shorts.  OH YEAH!  Collectively all the videos have had a combined viewing of 618,000 and the song was played on national radio!  WERT!

A Massive Big thank you goes to Tyler, Caleb, The JuniorCru and the peeps at Queensland Health for taking a big risk with us!




PAX was incredible, and I have some memories that I’ll share in drawing form over the next few weeks.

On this day I made a memory I wish I could undo.  We decided to wander out of the grounds to purchase a delicious food product. What a mistake.  What a mistake. #whatamistake


PAXAus had some amazing food.  Anyone try the tacos?!?!  I will learn this for next time.


We are touring around a bit now, and I have a feeling snare and keys are not going to come with us anymore.  I’m not going to point fingers at airlines .. O_O

TravelPanel_01 TravelPanel_02

Both instruments were not hurt during this trip, but they do sound a little sadder.



Sometimes it’s hard to explain in words how I feel.  So I drew this simple thing.


Our track “Come on. Stand out.” is a finalist in the pop category in the Queensland Music Awards. Special note to all the awesome people in the pop category: it’s going to be a tough one to decide.


Do you dream about going to PAX?  I do.  So when it was announced that it would be here in Australia, I was pretty excited.

As fate dishes out things, like it does all the time, I was a little late to booking tickets, and it was sold out.

But then fate had other ideas.


I would like to thank PAX Australia for asking 7bit Hero to play.  It certainly is rainbow fate.