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The game itself was ludicrously simple, involving tapping a button as fast as possible, but the spectacle of instantaneous and unexpected multiplayer broadcast to the whole room was amazing.

Tim Biggs, weekly rift


7bit Hero live is an awesome new app that comes to life at a 7bit hero concert. It’s where video games, concert visuals and audience interaction come together and high five. At a 7bit Hero show, your smartphone will be your joystick that allows you to control a character in the multi-player game that is projected behind the band. Your opponents or friends are somewhere in the crowd around you, and the band is playing the soundtrack. Just remember that this technology is in beta, which means it’s so new and shiny that we need to expect some hiccups. But with each new show, things get better and better.

One word sums up these guys perfectly; joy.

Anthony Read, The Weekly Rift